Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Law or Collaborative Practice is relatively young in New Zealand but it is a process that has been effectively helping families in the US, UK and Australia resolve disputes for many years now.
The Collaborative Process:
  • Is about working together as a team with your respective lawyers
  • Involves agreeing not to take your dispute to Court
  • Involves resolution of your problem through a series of collaborative meetings
  • Involves a commitment to honest, open, respectful communication and information sharing
  • Can include other communication, child and financial professionals that may be required in order to resolve your problem
  • Involves you each having your own lawyer (trained in Collaborative Practice) to provide support and legal advice to you and to guide you through the process.
The lawyers can not take your dispute through Court.

The Collaborative Process can offer you the following benefits:
  • You both set the pace and timing of the process, rather than having it dictated to you by the Court.
  • It may cost less than litigation.
  • It can be a lot less damaging to the relationships between the participants and can provide you with new tools for problem-solving in the future.
  • You retain more control over the process and the outcome. If you seek to have the Family Court resolve your dispute, you ultimately surrender control for the process and decision making about your problem to a Judge. 
  • It promotes an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation.
  • There is minimal paperwork as much of the work is done through meetings, rather than through letters being sent between lawyers.
  • Solutions arrived at take into account the priorities and needs of both parties and are far less limited than the solutions that the Family Court can offer.
  • Solutions reached can be recorded in a legally binding Agreement.
You can read more about Collaborative Practice from the Collaborative Law Association of New Zealand here.

Family Law Resultsí Principal, Selina Trigg is one of the few trained Collaborative Law Practitioners in New Zealand and is the chair of the Collaborative Law Association of New Zealand. Another of the lawyers on our team, Louise Reed, has also recently completed the Collaborative Process training.

Please feel free to contact Selina on 282 3574 for a no obligation chat if you wish to further explore Collaborative Law as an option for resolving your family law problem.