Spousal Maintenance and Child Support

When a relationship ends questions can arise about what ongoing support you should pay or expect to get from your partner. This is particularly relevant where one partner has sacrificed their career for the benefit of the other and/or where there are children involved.

And, don't assume that just because there are no children involved that there are not ongoing obligations from one partner to the other at the end of the relationship.

Many of our clients have been surprised to learn that they are entitled to more than they had expected, while others have learned they've been paying more than they are legally required to - the benefits from coming to see Family Law Results about your spousal maintence or child support matter can outweigh the costs involved.

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The Child Support Act 1991

Child Support payment obligations are clearly laid out in the Child Support Act 1991. Under this Act the Inland Revenue Department runs the Child Support Scheme. If the main caregiver receives the Domestic Purposes Benefit or if agreement can't be reached about Child Support, you will automatically fall into this scheme. Within the Child Support Scheme payment obligations are determined by a formula based on income, living circumstances and the number of children involved.

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