Divorce and Separation

Divorce and separation can be confusing for everybody involved. You could be faced with a number of comples issues such as:

  • Access to your home
    • where do you live?
    • where do the kids live?
  • Division of Assets
    • what am I entitled to?
    • how do we fairly divide the assets?
    • what happens to the family trust?
    • what happens to the things I inherited from my parents?
  • Parenting of the Children
    • how do I ensure the kids parenting needs are met?
    • how much child support do I need to pay? ...am I entitled to? 
    • when and where can I see the kids?
  • Spousal Maintenance
    • how much am I entitled to?
    • do I have to pay it?
  • Keeping safe
    • how do I protect myself and the kids from a violent partner?

These issues and combinations of these issues are ones that our lawyers are used to dealing with on a regular basis.

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To find out more about Domestic Violence (keeping safe from violence), click here.

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