Parenting and Custody

To thrive, children need to spend time with their parents and wider family, whanau or aiga, safe in the knowledge that they are loved by all of the significant adults in their life. At times of emotional upheaval within families children may need the certainty about their care arrangements that comes from an agreed parenting plan.

You may have negotiated parenting arrangements with the other parent of your children and need this agreement to be confirmed in writing.

You may want to know what your rights are around having regular periods of contact and time with your children. 

You may need help negotiating a parenting agreement to give you and your children the certainty that you and they need.

You may need help in taking action in the Family Court to make sure that you children's needs are met and respected by both yourself and the other parent of your children.

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Parenting vs. Custody 

The courts used to call it "Custody" but now they call it "Parenting". The terms are pretty much interchangeable.

Why did they change it?

Because in 2004 the law changed so that "Custody Orders" were no longer made. They have been replaced with "Parenting Orders" which set out the parenting arrangements for your children in order to reflect the importance for your children to have safe, meaningful relationships with all the important adults in their lives. 
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